IoT Tutorials for ESP8266, Raspberry Pi 3, NodeMCU and ESP32

IoT has is becoming a main stream technology now, there are several IoT Tutorials we have written, thought of compiling a list of all the IoT Tutorials in a single post. In this post we have covered ESP8266 Tutorials, Nodemcu tutorials and Wemos D1 Mini tutorials.

you can get all the codes from your account device configuration page. This is a good list of tutorials hope you enjoy doing this.

ESP8266 Tutorials ( Works on ESP8266 Boards, testing on NodeMCU and Wemos D1 Mini )


  1. Connecting Temperature and Humidity Sensor to ThingsIO.AI

2.  Connecting NTC Thermistor to ThingsIO.AI

3. MQ135 Gas Sensor to Thingsio

4. MQ6 Gas Sensor to ThingsIO

5. DS18B20 Temperature Sensor to Cloud

6. LM35 Temperature Sensor to Cloud

Raspberry Pi 3 Tutorials

  1. Connecting DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor to ThingsIO.AI

TI Launchpad CC3200 Tutorials

  1.  Connecting Temperature Sensor to ThingsIO.AI


Let us know how the IoT tutrial went, what you liked and which was hard to do ?

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